March 10, 2005

For download: Draft manuscript on Electronic Money and Privacy

Stefan writes:

"Back in 19961998, I worked in my spare time on a book titled Electronic Money and Privacy. Due to career priorities from 1999 onward, I never got around to finishing the book alas. Since I will not have any time in the foreseeable future to get back to working on the book, I am hereby making the first four draft chapters freely available."

My own story is similar. Back in 97 or so I started a book with a working title of FC. In 98 I rewrote it along the lines of the then evolving 7 layer model of financial cryptography. Unfortunately I did not get the time to wrap the book up, and it remains somewhat incomplete.

Perhaps I should put it on the net. I recently put all my draft papers up on the net, as some are a year or more old and aren't getting closer! Comments? Maybe there is too much stuff on the net already ...

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