February 18, 2005

Choicepoint - full blown scandal?

Maybe it was the RSA security conference, but the Choicepoint heist seems to have touched a nerve. Adam pointed here, where it says that " investigators notified the company of the breach in October, but ChoicePoint did not send out the consumer warnings until last week." And now, someone sent me the below, apparently sent out on Reuters (no URL).

SAN FRANCISCO The ChoicePoint data theft case is shaping up to be a full-blown scandal with as many as a half million people nationwide potentially vulnerable to identity theft. Earlier this week word emerged that scammers had illegally obtained detailed files on 35-thousand Californians by posing as legitimate customers of ChoicePoint.

Now attorneys general from 19 states demanded that ChoicePoint warn any victims in their states as well.

And security experts are calling for more federal oversight of a lightly regulated industry that gathers and sells personal data about nearly every adult American.

The Georgia-based company maintains databases that hold 19 billion pieces of information, including Social Security numbers, credit and medical histories and motor vehicle registrations.

Gee, if the AGs get that demand, it'll save them the cost of passing a law!

Addendum: Gary North commented.

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