February 01, 2005

Blogs on Crypto

Searching through Blogshares, I've found some blogs on Cryptography. Hal asked, and here they are!

  • Strong Crypto seems to be at the level of Applied Cryptography - basic techniques, basic systems. No heavy maths, and enough of a treatment to be interesting to programmers. It's pretty low volume though.

  • Beginners' Guide to Cryptography seems to be ... what it says - more of a young person's challenge site than a resource for professionals. That is, lots of puzzles.

  • Cryptography seems to be more a user's level guide, so interesting for people who buy and rely on basic level crypto programs. It's also quiet. Latest was the Army manual on Code breaking.

  • Quantum crypto news has to be the most serious of the bunch. It seems quite active, and has lots of heavy duty posts on the latest research and publications, such as Creation of a polarization W state using optical fibre multiports !! No doubt this will interest VC and business people in that field, and physicists.

    (Caveat: I wouldn't normally post on QC but it's a blog, and I have a secret agenda!)

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    I just started two crypto blogs as well, one modestly technical and one more hardcore. Their start pages are:

    * security weblog
    over which we occasionally post our findings on security topics. It is
    moderately technical, and should be readable to anyone who has used
    digital signing or similar cryptographic applications.

    * crypto weblog
    over which we occasionally post more technical topics. It and targets
    people who have a course understanding of how algorithms for digital
    signing and encryption work.

    Posted by: Rick van Rein at February 8, 2005 12:17 PM
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