July 02, 2004

GoldMoney challenges for pole position

Goldmoney's newly released bar count shows, as predicted, that it has now overtaken e-gold as the largest issuer of gold currency. Last quarter growth was 42%, and as e-gold have been flat or declining for many years now, goldmoney's future leadership is a near certainty. Congratulations!

However, this only applies to grams of gold - arguably the most important measure but not the full story. If e-gold's silver, platinum and palladium is taken into account, e-gold is still slightly larger (calculate on Examiner). Swapping white metals into gold (via USD) gives e-gold a total basket of 1,813,748.30, slightly larger than goldmoney's 1,783,552.182gg.

Until the next 3 bars goes in, that is. Unfortunately, as goldmoney only releases its figures every quarter, we won't know for another three months, and until then, goldmoney can't report that they are the biggest.

Damn those auditors, curse them! If only there was a solution to this....

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Subject: [dgc.chat] new bar count
Date: Fri, 02 Jul 2004 13:11:10 -0400
From: James Turk

The 30 Jun 2004 quarterly stats for GoldMoney have been posted today at

There are now 1,783,552.182gg in circulation, representing 142 LBMA good delivery bars.
That's an increase of 42 bars from the 100 bars in GoldMoney as of 31 Mar 04, or 42% growth for the quarter.

Importantly, the total grams of gold reported by VIA MAT (gold in the vault) and total goldgrams reported by Dimension Data (digital gold currency in the database) are identical, again confirming that GoldMoney is 100% gold, always.


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