March 10, 2004

Civilian lists films as IPOs

Civilian Capital has entered the market for Hollywood film productions as IPOs. In Civilian's case, each film is produced by a single-film company that lists on the over-the-counter bulletin board market run by the NASD (a sort of basic NASDAQ, called OTCBB).

Originally, doing such projects as IPOs was mooted in discussions surrounding Idea Futures, Eric Hughes' piracy talk, and my own task market.

The basic assumption was that most tasks of interest can't cover the 1/2 million dollar surcharge that the regulated markets impose on access to the public. Our new breed of digital issuances reduces that cost by an order of magnitude or more, depending on the details.

That assumption's not challenged by Civilian - they are simply providing a brokerage which promotes and retails these special purpose IPOs to film entrepreneurs. It will be interesting to see how low the listing cost of Civilian's film IPOs go, via the conventional markets and regulatory filings.

For those obsessed by celluloid, check out the SEC filing for the first film/IPO: Billy Dead, Inc.

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