February 03, 2004

Paysec 2004

Payments Systems and Security
18/19th June 2004

Enhyper are proud to announce a conference with a difference,Payments Systems and Security, to be held at The Innholders Hall, London, on 18/19th Jun 2004.

At PaySec2004 we've brought together payments systems developers, security architects, operational risk practitioners and academics to address all aspects of technology, security and operation in the payment systems domain, both present and future state.

The best of the Internet versus the best of the City. Short key technical demonstrations will be interspersed to bring context to the challenges and the solutions. Rump sessions will allow you to contribute your experiences for the benefit of others.

Headline Topics

* Payment Transformations and integration
* Settlement to T+0 and RTGS
* Programmatic electronic contract negotiation
* Systems Performance Monitoring: Service Level Compliance
* Extensible Electronic Currency Frameworks
* SSL/SSH based infrastructure to enhance federated security
* Payment Systems as Critical National Infrastructure
* Automated System Risk Audits for Operational Risk Compliance
* Strategies for Defending against Infrastructure Attacks
* Reusable Security Architecture via pre-risk assessed patterns


Geoff Chick, Product Director, Century 24 Solutions
Integration Objects

Dr Iain Saville, Head of Business Process Reform, Lloyds
Kinnect - Taking Contracts Digital

Ian Grigg, Principal Architect, Systemics
Integrating Business into the Payments System

Dr Alistair Dunlop, Director of the Open Middleware
Infrastructure Institute, University of Southampton
Grid Computing based Web Services

Paul Guthrie, Principal/CTO, Payment Software Corporation
Micropayments and E-Cash, Then and Now

Dr Simon Lelieveldt, Lelieveldt Consultancy
Security Profiles in Pre-paid payments

Frank Trotter, CEO, Everbank
Blazing the Internet Bank Trail

Graeme Burnett, Enhyper
Future State Security Architecture

James Turk, Managing Director, Goldmoney
Internet Gold - the new Governance

John Walker, Managing Director, NDS UK Ltd
Unto the breach: breaking the hardware and cryptography
of smart card chips.

(Some additional speaker slots are reserved.)


Conference site is at http://www.enhyper.com/paysec/

Location: London, 18/19th Jun 2004. Venue details on site.

Cost: 1500 which includes all catering and all refreshments.

Advance Registration is at

Please note that this is not a sales conference.
Speakers are not selling their product to attendees.

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