January 21, 2004

CodeCon 2004

The program for CodeCon 2004 has been announced.

CodeCon is the premier showcase of active hacker projects. It is a workshop for developers of real-world applications with working code and active development projects. All presentations will given by one of the active developers, and accompanied by a functional demo.

Highlights of CodeCon 2004 include:

PGP Universal - Automatic, transparent email encryption with zero clicks
Osiris - A free Host Integrity Monitor designed for large scaleserver deployments that require auditable security
Tor - Second-generation Onion Routing: a TCP-based anonymizing overlay network
Vesta - An advanced software configuration management system that handles both versioning source files and building
PETmail - Permission-based anti-spam replacement for SMTP
FunFS - Fast User Network File System - An advanced network file system designed as a successor for NFS
Codeville - Distributed version control system
Audacity - A cross-platform multi-track audio editor

The third annual CodeCon takes place February 20 - 22, noon - 6pm, at Club NV (525 Howard Street) in San Francisco. CodeCon registration is $95; a $20 discount is available for attendees who register online prior to February 1, 2004.


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