January 16, 2004

Cheap Hardware Tokens

Hardware tokens from PicoDisk start at about 30 Euros for a 32Mb store that could fit on your keyring. These Italian stallions even have one that boasts AES encryption, and another with a biometric fingerprint sensor, for what it's worth...

Big enough to carry your secret keys, your transactions and your entire copy of WebFunds! You have to pay a bit more to get Java installed on them, but they do go up to a whopping 2Gb.

Of course, serious FCers know that the platform that runs your financial application also has to be secure, but nothing's perfect. These cheap tokens could go a long way to covering many of the sins found in "common windowing environments'" predeliction to being raided by viruses.

(I've since found out that these tokens are only accessible from Windows, and drivers are "closed". Whoops. My interest just hit the floor - it's hard enough to integrate these sorts of things into real apps without the supplier trying to stop you using them. Apologies for wasting your time!)

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